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Ashcroft & Gray Group is Licensed and Registered by the FSC, Mauritius

Project Preparation, Financial Modelling, Credit Analysis, Debt/Equity Raising & More.

Ashcroft & Gray Group is the premier provider of bespoke financial services in Sub-Saharan Africa. We specialize in supporting mid-cap Corporates, Financial Institutions and Sovereigns by addressing their unique capital raising requirements. With a focus on E.S.G. and Climate Related Financing, we create positive impact and connect clients with the right investors. Our experienced team, global network and strong track record drives sustainable growth in the region.

Profile Cover

Expertise + Diversity + Proven Track Record 

Tailored advisory solutions for mid-cap Corporates, Financial Institutions
& Sovereigns
in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Strong Deal Origination
& Placement

Benefit from long-standing relationships with corporate clients & potential funders for successful deal origination & placement.


Our services cater to the following target clients:

Financial Services

We provide financial services to top-tier and second-tier medium-sized commercial banks, microfinance institutions, and central banks and/or ministries of finance. These services range from trade finance, term facilities and Tier II capital for balance sheet management or regulatory purposes to raising hard currency liquidity for reserves management, balance of payment support and ESG or United Nations developmental goals aligned projects.

Trade Finance Clients

We arrange trade finance facilities for importers of essential commodities like fertilizers, fuel, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, we work with soft commodity exporters of agricultural produce, such as cotton, tobacco, grains, nuts, pulses, tea, coffee, and more, connecting them with credible Global Commodity Exchanges. We also support hard commodity exporters dealing in non-conflict minerals and metals through reputable Global Commodity Exchanges.

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